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Gimme Gimme Gimme - Abba

Gimme Gimme Gimme – Abba

Title:  Gimme Gimme Gimme Artist: Abba File Type: Kar Gimme Gimme Gimme Lyrics Send “Gimme Gimme Gimme” Ringtones to your Cell Ad Half past twelve And I’m watching the late show in my flat all alone How I hate to spend the evening on my own Autumn winds Blowing outside the window as I look […]

Grenade - Bruno Mars

Grenade – Bruno Mars

Title:  Grenade Artist: Bruno Mars File Type: Mid Grenade Lyrics Send “Grenade” Ringtones to your Cell Ad Easy come, easy go, that’s just how you live Oh, take, take, take it all but you never give Should’ve known you was trouble from the first kiss Had your eyes wide open, why were they open? Gave […]

Get Down – Backstreet Boys

Title:  Get Down Artist: Backstreet Boys File Type: Kar Get Down Lyrics Send “Get Down” Ringtones to your Cell Ad You’re the one for me You’re my ecstasy You’re the one I need Heeey, yeah Ohhhh Chorus: Get down Get down And move it all around (2x) Hey baby love I need a girl like […]

Girls Like You - Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B.

Girls Like You – Maroon 5

Title:  Girls Like You Artist: Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B. File Type: Mp4 Girls Like You Lyrics Spent 24 hours, I need more hours with you You spent the weekend getting even, ooh We spent the late nights making things right between us But now it’s all good, babe Roll that back wood, babe And […]

Going Under - Evanescence

Going Under – Evanescence

Title:  Going Under Artist: Evanescence File Type: Mid Going Under Lyrics Send “Going Under” Ringtones to your Cell Ad Now I will tell you what I’ve done for you – 50 thousand tears I’ve cried. Screaming, deceiving and bleeding for you – And you still won’t hear me (going under) Don’t want your hand this […]

God Is A Woman - Ariana Grande Karaoke

God is a woman – Ariana Grande

Title:  God Is A Woman Artist: Ariana Grande File Type: Mp4 God Is A Woman Lyrics [Chorus] You, you love it how I move you You love it how I touch you, my one When all is said and done You’ll believe God is a woman And I, I feel it after midnight A feelin’ […]

Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne

Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne

Title:  Girlfriend Artist: Avril Lavigne File Type: Kar Girlfriend Lyrics Send “Girlfriend” Ringtone to your Cell Ad [Chorus] Hey! Hey! You! You! I don’t like your girlfriend! No way! No way! I think you need a new one Hey! Hey! You! You! I could be your girlfriend Hey! Hey! You! You! I know that you […]

Going Away To College - Blink 182

Going Away To College – Blink 182

Title:  Going Away To College Artist: Blink 182 File Type: Kar Going Away To College Lyrics Send “Going Away To College” Ringtone to your Cell Ad Please take me by the hand It’s so cold out tonight I’ll put blankets on the bed I won’t turn out the light Just don’t forget to think about […]

Goodbye - Spice Girls Karaoke Song

Goodbye – Spice Girls

Title:  Goodbye Artist: Spice Girls File Type: Kar Goodbye Lyrics Send “Goodbye” Ringtones to your Cell Ad No no no no, no no no no, no no no no Listen little child there will come a day when you will be able, able to say, nevermind the pain, all the aggrevation, you know there’s a […]

Guitar Man - Bread

Guitar Man – Bread

Title:  Guitar Man Artist: Bread File Type: Kar Guitar Man Lyrics Send “Guitar Man” Ringtone to your Cell Ad Who draws the crowd and plays so loud Baby it’s the guitar man Who’s gonna steal the show You know, baby, it’s the guitar man He can make you love He can make you cry He […]