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One Call Away – Charlie Puth

Title:  One Call Away Artist: Charlie Puth File Type: mp4 One Call Away Lyrics Send “One Call Away” Ringtones to your Cell Ad I’m only one call away I’ll be there to save the day Superman got nothing on me I’m only one call away Call me, baby, if you need a friend I just […]

One Night - The Corrs

One Night – The Corrs

Title:  One Night Artist: The Corrs File Type: Mid One Night Send “One Night” Ringtones to your Cell Ad Lond day and I’m ready – I’m waiting for your call ‘Cos I’ve made up my mind My heart aches with a hunger and the want that you were mine No I cannot deny So for […]

Oh Carol - Boyzone

Oh Carol – Boyzone

Title: Oh Carol Artist: Boyzone File Type: Kar Oh Carol Lyrics Send “Oh Carol” Ringtone to your Cell Ad I’ve got to tell you, girl you’re in danger No one can save you now, you’re going to be mine somehow You didn’t know me but to me you’re no stranger Saw you each day every […]

Our Day Will Come - The Carpenters

Our Day Will Come – The Carpenters

Title:  Our Day Will Come Artist: The Carpenters File Type: Kar Our Day Will Come Lyrics Send “Our Day Will Come” Ringtones to your Cell Ad Our day will come And we’ll have everything We’ll share the joy Falling in love can bring No one can tell me That I’m too young to know I […]

One Heart - Celine Dion

One Heart – Celine Dion

Title:  One Heart Artist: Celine Dion File Type: Kar One Heart Lyrics Send “One Heart” Ringtones to your Cell Ad There’s so much life I’ve left to live And this fire is burning still When I watch you look at me I think I could find the will To stand for every dream And forsake […]

Obvious - Westlife

Obvious – Westlife

Title:  Obvious Artist: Westlife File Type: Mid Obvious Send “Obvious” Ringtones to your Cell Ad [Shane:] Yeah, ooooh… We started as friends But something happened inside me Now I’m reading into everything But there’s no sign you hear the lightning, baby You don’t ever notice me turning on my charm Or wonder why I’m always […]

Our Last Summer - Abba

Our Last Summer – Abba

Title:  Our Last Summer Artist: Abba File Type: Kar Our Last Summer Lyrics Send “Our Last Summer” Ringtone to your Cell Ad The summer air was soft and warm The feeling right, the Paris night Did it’s best to please us And strolling down the Elysee We had a drink in each cafe And you […]

One Moment In Time - Whitney Houston

One Moment In Time – Whitney Houston

Title:  One Moment In Time Artist: Whitney Houston File Type: Kar One Moment In Time Send “One Moment In Time” Ringtones to your Cell Ad Each day I live I want to be A day to give The best of me I’m only one But not alone My finest day Is yet unknown I broke […]

Offer - Alanis Morissette

Offer – Alanis Morissette

Title:  Offer Artist: Alanis Morissette File Type: Kar Offer Lyrics Send “Offer” Ringtone to your Cell Ad Who Who am I to be blue Look at my family and fortune Look at my friends and my house Who Who am i to feel deadend Who am i to feel spent Look at my health and […]

Online Song - Blink 182

Online Song – Blink 182

Title:  Online Song Artist: Blink 182 File Type: Kar Online Song Lyrics Send “Online Song” Ringtone to your Cell Ad Josie, you’re my source of most frustration, Forget when I don’t meet expectations Everything you wished came true In the end we all blamed you Even though, as they all know, you weren’t the only […]