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Lucky You - Eminem

Lucky You – Eminem

Title:  Lucky You Artist: Eminem ft. Joyner Lucas File Type: Mp4 Lucky You Lyrics [Bridge: Joyner Lucas] Whoa, Joyner, Joyner, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, I done did a lot of things in my day, I admit it I don’t take back what I say, if I said it then I meant it All my life […]

Love The Way You Lie - Rihanna

Love The Way You Lie – Rihanna

Title:  Love The Way You Lie Artist: Rihanna File Type: Kar Love The Way You Lie Lyrics Send “Love The Way You Lie” Ringtone to your Cell Ad On the first page of our story The future seemed so bright Then this thing turned out so evil I don’t know why I’m still surprised Even […]

Mi Gente - J Balvin Karaoke Song

Mi Gente – J Balvin

Title:  Mi Gente Artist: J Balvin ft. Willy William File Type: Mp4 Mi Gente Lyrics Letra de “Mi Gente” ft. Willy William [Traducción] [Verso 1: J Balvin] Si el ritmo te lleva a mover la cabeza Ya empezamos cómo es Mi música no discrimina a nadie Así que vamos a romper Toda mi gente se […]

See You Again - Wiz Khalifa

See You Again – Wiz Khalifa

Title:  See You Again Artist: Wiz Khalifa File Type: mp4 See You Again Lyrics Send “See You Again” Ringtones to your Cell Ad It’s been a long day without you, my friend And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again We’ve come a long way from where we began Oh, I’ll […]

Love on Top - Beyonce

Love on Top – Beyonce

Title: Love on Top Artist: Beyonce File Type: Kar Love on Top Lyrics Send “Love On Top” Ringtone to your Cell Ad Bring the beat in! Honey, honey I can see the stars all the way from here Can’t you see the glow on the window pane? I can feel the sun whenever you’re near Every […]

Usher - Burn

Burn – Usher

Title:  Burn Artist: Usher File Type: Mid Burn Send “Burn” Ringtones to your Cell Ad [Intro] Girl, understand why See it’s burning me to hold onto this I know this is something I gotta do But that don’t mean I want to What I’m trying to say is that I-love-you I just I feel like […]

Passionfruit - Drake Karaoke

Passionfruit – Drake

Title:  Passionfruit Artist: Drake File Type: Mp4 Passionfruit Lyrics [Moodymann:] Hold on, hold on, fuck that. Fuck that shit. Hold on, I got to start this mothafuckin’ record over again, wait a minute. Fuck that shit. Still on this mothafuckin’ record. I’m a play this mothafucka for y’all. Ayy, y’all get some more drinks goin’ […]

In My Feelings - Drake

In My Feelings – Drake

Title:  In My Feelings Artist: Drake File Type: Mp4 In My Feelings Lyrics [Drake:] Trap, TrapMoneyBenny This shit got me in my feelings Gotta be real with it, yup Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding? Say you’ll never ever leave from beside me ‘Cause I want ya, and I need ya And I’m […]

Hard Knock Life - Jay Z

Hard Knock Life – Jay Z

Title:  Hard Knock Life Artist: Jay Z File Type: Mid Hard Knock Life Lyrics Send “Hard Knock Life” Ringtone to your Cell Ad Check the bassline out, uh huh Jigga, uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, yeah Let it bump though It’s the hard knock life, for us It’s the hard knock life, for us […]

Despacito - Luis Fonsi Karaoke Song

Despacito – Luis Fonsi

Title:  Despacito Artist: Luis Fonsi File Type: Mp4 Despacito Lyrics [Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee:] ¡Ay! ¡Fonsi! ¡D.Y.! Ohhh Oh, no, oh, no Oh Hey, yeah! Diridiri dirididi Daddy Go! [Luis Fonsi:] Si sabes que ya llevo un rato mirándote Tengo que bailar contigo hoy [Daddy Yankee:] (¡D.Y.!) Vi que tu mirada ya estaba llamándome […]